It was a “super” time!

Lee Reed, Senior Digital Project Manager

We Minnesotans are finally beginning to wind down from the excitement of the Super Bowl. Since YA’s headquarters is right in downtown Minneapolis, we had a front row seat to a lot of the excitement. And even though we’re glad to have our parking spaces back, we all agree it was a “super” time.

In my own family, we had a special reason to be thrilled that Super Bowl LII was happening in our hometown. My daughter, Sally Reed, is the captain of the Hopkins High School Royelles Dance Team, which, along with 13 other area dance teams, performed at the halftime show with Justin Timberlake.

Three hard tasks

Once the girls heard they had been selected, they had three difficult tasks in front of them: Task one was fitting in 60 grueling hours of practices alongside all their other schoolwork and activities. Task two was performing live for a worldwide audience. And the hardest part was the third one: Keeping it all secret. If even one peep about their performance appeared on social media, their entire team would be ejected from the performance. So they stayed off their phones and kept their mouths shut. I think that’s an amazing accomplishment in and of itself!

Magazine interview

A reporter from Minneapolis St. Paul magazine interviewed Sally, who said: “The biggest challenge in making the halftime show come together was taking what we did in the gym early on in the process and transferring it to the field with all the props, stages, marching band, stage crew and band.” She was quoted as saying that the most memorable moment was the show’s first full run-through: “Seeing all the lights and the fireworks and the people all jamming out to JT and just dancing … creating an amazing visual for the world to see!”

Thanks, YA

I’m especially grateful that YA made a generous contribution to the team to cover all the additional expenses associated with this once-in-a-lifetime experience. As a YA employee, I know that giving back to the community is important to our leadership and our staff, and I appreciate the way the organization supported my daughter’s team to help make it all possible. It was an incredible time for all of us, and I’m sure we’ll all be fully recovered from all the excitement by spring!

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