Drink Up: YA Survey Finds Majority of Respondents Will Enjoy Adult Beverages this St. Patrick’s Day

– Green Beer Emblematic of the Holiday, Not ‘Gross’ or ‘Bad Idea’ –

Minneapolis, March. 14, 2018 – Even though the majority of respondents said they are not of Irish Heritage, nearly two-thirds of those who took part in a recent survey say they’ll celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day. In the survey, sponsored by marketing promotions company YA, more than two-thirds (67 percent) of respondents said alcohol will be involved in their celebration.

When asked what type of adult beverage they plan to enjoy, the largest percentage (39 percent) said beer. Other respondents said they would choose Irish whiskey, Bailey’s Irish Cream, or a mix of all three.

As a sign that respondents enjoy the traditions of the holiday, 65 percent said green beer is emblematic of the holiday, with only 35 percent saying green beer is “gross” and “a bad idea.”

“St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday of celebration and getting into the ‘green-ness’ of the day,” said YA President and CEO Chris Behrens. “As long as people enjoy responsibly, it’s a fantastic excuse to spend quality time with friends and family.”

When asked what was the top holiday for consuming alcohol, the top pick was New Year’s Eve, followed in order by St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, 4th of July and Cinco de Mayo.

The survey also showed that despite it being a holiday, people are still looking for a deal, with 61 percent saying they’d buy one brand of beer or alcohol over another if a rebate was involved. At 53 percent, “Rebates” were the top type of promotion respondents would participate in when buying adult beverages, followed by “Text to Win” (32 percent) “Mobile Games” (15 percent) and “Collect to Win” (10 percent).

“Marketers who plan ahead with holiday promotions on beverages – and accompanying snacks – have a real opportunity to attract new customers who enjoy a great celebration,” said Behrens.

About the Survey
YA conducted the online survey in March 2018.

Survey Responses

Do you plan on celebrating this St. Patrick’s Day?
Yes – 62 percent
No –  38 percent

If you are celebrating, will alcohol be involved?
Yes – 67 percent
No –  33 percent

If so, what kind of alcohol?
Beer – 39 percent
Irish whiskey – 12 percent
Bailey’s Irish Cream -11 percent
A mix of the three – 13 percent
Other – 35 percent

What do you think of green beer for St. Patrick’s Day?
It’s emblematic of the holiday -65 percent
I think it’s kind of gross and a bad idea – 35 percent

Would you buy a specific type of beer or alcohol over another brand if a rebate were offered?
Yes – 61 percent
No – 39 percent

Rank in order the holidays for which you purchase alcohol
No. 1 New Year’s Eve
No. 2 St. Patrick’s Day and
No. 3 Christmas
No. 4 Fourth of July
No. 5 Cinco De Mayo

In which type of promotion are you most likely to participate when buying adult beverages?
Rebate: 53 percent
Text to win 32 percent
Mobile game 15 percent
Collect to win 10 percent

Are you of Irish descent?
Yes 41 percent
No 59 percent

About YA
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