What’s up for St. Pat’s? Our survey found out

Chris Behrens, President and CEP There’s a great saying about all the festivities that take place every year on March 17: On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone you meet is either Irish … or wishes they were. Here at YA, we’ve got a curiosity about everything consumers are thinking, feeling, planning and doing, no matter what… Read more »

It’s time for mobile carriers to revolutionize their promotional spending

Dennis Armbruster, Chief Revenue Officer There are several industries making serious inroads toward a step-change in the world of promotions. Instead of being content with the traditional “one and done” approach to rebates, enter-to-win and refer-a-friend activities, they’re looking at ways to leverage interactions from one promotional interaction to drive “next best action” through additional… Read more »

Spread the word: Brands jump on referral bandwagon

Kevin Palmstein, Mobile/Web Application Product Management Leader We’re more connected to our social networks than ever before. We’ve built up large circles of “friends” (even if they’re purely digital connections) and we love to stay in touch with them. So it makes sense that referral programs, powered by new technology and ready for mobile, are… Read more »

Minneapolis in the spotlight: What’s happening downtown?

Chris Behrens, President and CEO   In the nearly three years since YA has moved from Norwood Young America in greater Minnesota[ to the Lumber Exchange Building in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, we’ve experienced a growth trajectory unlike any our company has seen before. At the same time, the downtown area itself has been undergoing… Read more »

It was a “super” time!

Lee Reed, Senior Digital Project Manager We Minnesotans are finally beginning to wind down from the excitement of the Super Bowl. Since YA’s headquarters is right in downtown Minneapolis, we had a front row seat to a lot of the excitement. And even though we’re glad to have our parking spaces back, we all agree… Read more »

It’s always a good time for a rebate (even on Valentine’s Day)

Chris Behrens, President and CEO I can tell you from personal experience that remembering Valentine’s Day is just one of the many secrets to relationship success. When it pertains to my wife, Kathy, the real secret for me is not forgetting Valentine’s Day. (And yes, I’ve already called the florist and made dinner reservations for… Read more »