Business vitality’s secret weapon: stronger ties to higher ed

Guest Blogger: Steve Cramer, President and CEO at Minneapolis Downtown Council It’s just about a mile and half between downtown Minneapolis and the campus of the University of Minnesota. But, for too long, it’s felt as though a million miles have separated these centers of business and learning. One of the goals of 2025 Downtown… Read more »

How to create loyalty in an increasingly fickle world

Guest blogger: Bob Daly, Senior Vice President of Marketing, U.S. Bank There are crowded markets, jam-packed markets and just-about-ready to overflow markets. And then there’s the reward credit card space, which continues to pack in more and more highly competitive offers, boosted by increasingly rich new account incentives. Welcome to my world. At U.S. Bank,… Read more »

How YA invests in our next-gen tech leaders

Todd Carter, Chief Digital Officer In a world of digital communication, the Minnesota tech community still finds great value in coming together to learn, share and make new connections. For more than seven years, I have participated in events organized by MinneStar, a local nonprofit that helps the passion and potential of the Minnesota technology… Read more »

Act like a publisher, get results like a marketer

Guest Blogger: Audra Carson, Head of Content Marketing & Media Platforms, General Mills I work for one of the most iconic food companies in the world, the force behind brands like Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and Cheerios. When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them: “I’m a publisher.” Essentially, my team… Read more »

Now appearing in a conference room near you … YA’s Tony Mosley

While many YA colleagues had a lot of fun on their summer vacations, only one–Senior Project Manager Tony Mosley–went on a European concert tour that reunited bandmates from Prince’s New Power Generation. Read Tony’s story in this month’s issue of Minnesota Good Age magazine. Read Tony’s blog, Three things I learned about business while playing… Read more »

Integrated marketing has ever been more important

Guest blogger: Anindya Ghose, Heinz Riehl Chair Professor of Business at New York University’s Stern School of Business   If you think you’re making the most of the mobile economy in your business, I’m story to tell you that you’re probably wrong. Here’s the hard data: consumers spend about a quarter of their time with… Read more »